How to Share with your Friends

Well, I'm going to show you how to share PLANTS with your friends, anyway!  You really ought to know by now how to share other stuff with your friends. 😉

I think I'm going to be known as "The Mint Lady" soon.  I now have spearmint, sweet mint, chocolate mint and lavender mint growing in my kitchen.  We love the smells of each of them, and I've enjoyed sharing them with my family and friends.

Just in case you've ever wondered how to "root" a piece of leafy plant like mint or ivy, this is the way my Mama has done it for years.

You cut off a sprig of the plant you want to "clone".  You tuck it into a container of water.  Keep it filled.  Put it in a sunny place, if you'd like.  Eventually, you'll begin to see small root forming; and you will begin to see additional growth at the top of your plant.

Here is a bit of lavender mint that my friend passed on to me.  This was after it had been in the water about a week.


Here it is about a week later:


And here it is this week:


It is truly amazing to watch.

Some plant take longer than
others.  I had tiny sprigs of ivy that did nothing for months, then
suddenly began to root and grow like crazy.  I transplanted them to a
large pot and planted them in good potting soil, and now, it is a happy,
happy plant.

I plan to move this lavender mint to a pretty little pot very soon…when we have extra money for potting soil. 😉

By the way, I was able to pay all the bills through this end of this month today.  I also sold a set of books today.  Yay! 

Doug doesn't work the week of the 4th, so it will be interesting to see how God provides for the bills of next month!

Hoping you have a great weekend,