Father’s Day 2015

I keep starting to write something about Doug for Father's Day, & words fail me. But I feel like he deserves something because Isaac will never be able to tell him "Happy Father's Day" or buy him a goofy tie or a cool t-shirt or a mushy card.

I feel that Doug is the most perfect picture of what God the Father does for us when He adopts us into His family. We bring nothing with us, we come with lots of problems & don't even understand all that is being done on our behalf.


But He chooses us before we even meet Him. He sits us at His table & never asks us to do anything to earn that position. He soothes us, wipes our tears, rejoices over us, clothes us, holds us when we hurt, works over us, disciplines us and loves us unconditionally.

This is what God did for me. This is what Doug does for Isaac on a daily basis. And I am just the grateful daughter of the King who gets to be a part of this great adventure.

Happy Father's Day, Doug. Isaac & I love you so much!