Love notes

Does the Lord ever put a little blessing in your life?  Just a little something that you weren’t expecting, and something that you know was directly from His hand?

He does that for me occasionally.  I think it’s usually when I’m at a particularly hard spot, and I am trusting Him, despite the circumstances; but my faith is weak and He knows it.  So, He drops something into my every day life that is just short of miraculous.

And it probably wouldn’t be significant to anyone else, or maybe it wouldn’t even seem like something God would do.

But that’s how I know it’s just for me!

I have a favorite necklace.  It’s a sterling chain and a round disk with my monogram.  I won it from a blog giveaway, believe it or not! 🙂

Recently, after coming home from church, I removed the chain and realized the charm disk was gone.  It’s a tiny little thing.  I did look around my room and over the path I’d taken into the house; but I didn’t find it and basically totally dismissed it from my mind.

I knew I’d never find such a tiny piece of silver in my house.  And I wasn’t as diligent as the woman in the Bible who swept her entire house to look for it either!

Well, today, Doug drove home at lunch time to pick up the checkbook.  I took it out to him when he pulled in the drive.  As I was coming back in the house, I caught just a glimpse of something under the back of my recliner.

Guess what it was!


Yep, my monogram charm.  Just laying there.  Not damaged at all.


I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that was the Lord speaking to me today, in His still small voice, “Be patient.  I’ve got this.  If I can protect and reveal such a tiny piece of jewelry to you, I can take care of everything else too.”  Not audibly, of course, but I felt the message deep in my heart.

He is such a good God.  I am in awe and amazed by His love for me.

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