When You Are Feeling Shattered

“God said, ‘My grace is sufficient for thee,’ for in your weakness My strength is made perfect. In your brokenness, My light shines forth. In your affliction, My power flows out. In your brokenness and insufficiency, My sufficiency is evidenced. In your lack of power, My power is seen.”

“Many times those who are unbroken sit in judgment of those whom God has broken. He has shattered them and leveled them and taken all their pride away. Now they are more useful than ever. Instead of us praising God for His grace and the usefulness, we sit in judgment of the shattering experience.”

“Those that have broken hearts and shattered dreams, those whose lives have been leveled, make the best servants of God because they realize that they have nothing of their own.”

“God can get more glory out of you when you praise Him in brokenness, than when you praise Him on the mountaintop. Anybody can praise God in the good times, but when you are broken, your will is broken, your life is broken, your dreams are shattered, and you praise God, He gets more glory.” (excerpts “Weathering the Storms of Life” by Dennis Corle)


In this season of Thanksgiving, even if you are broken and shattered, give God the glory. He is preparing you for great things when everything that YOU are is out of His way to make room for all that HE is.