Lessons From the Storm

These thoughts are from the book Weathering the Storms of Life, Volume 1,  by Dennis Corle, and are based on the story in Matthew 14:22-34.

  1. Jesus will send you into the storm. (verse 22)
  2. Jesus will pray for you during the storm. (verse 23)
  3. Jesus will come to you in the storm. (verses 25-25)
  4. Jesus will teach you some things in the storm that you could learn nowhere else. (verses 26-30)
  5. Jesus will bring you through the storm (verse 32-34)

“Many times we just don’t understand why the storm comes into our lives. It just may be that you are a chosen vessel.  Paul was one of those chosen vessels, and the Lord said He would show Paul what great things he must suffer.  It just may be that God has given you the privilege and honor of going through some storms that no one else is going through.  Maybe you are vessel that God wants to use to bring more glory and more honor to Himself.  Look to God with faith in your storm.  Depend upon Him and trust in Him…and you can come forth as gold.  Going through the fires of tribulation will purge out the dross.  It will make you a better Christian than you have ever been in your life.”

Oh my friend, I know the storms of life are difficult.  I know they batter and bruise us and we feel shattered and wounded.  But He is growing something in us through these circumstances.  He is drawing us to His side.  He is making us more like Him.  He is letting others see our faith grow.  He is showing us truths that we need to know so we can share them with others.

Have faith, my friend, He is going to bring you safely through this.  He will never leave your side.  He will bring healing and hope to your battered heart as you walk with Him through your storm.

2 thoughts on “Lessons From the Storm

  1. Thanks Alesha God will never leave us .I know for a fact God has bless me beyond measure and I one day . I hope one day I can help some one day .


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