Tuesday, 27 February 2007

We're still hanging out at Club Med.  (That's our
local hospital for those of you not up to date on "special needs kid

Isaac was awake all day
yesterday and ALL night last night.  It was incredible.  I took the
midnight to 4:30 shift.  My poor hubby couldn't hold his head up another
moment.  Then he took over and fed Isaac a little bit, then napped in
the chair while Isaac played with his toys. 

Finally, about 9 am, he just closed his eyes and went to
sleep.  Still asleep now.  We'll have to be big meanies in just a little
while and wake him, so we don't have a repeat performance tonight. 
Parenting is all about TOUGH love!

He did have some seizure activity last night – of course
nothing like we saw at home.  But he's also not eating/drinking like
they'd like him to, and he had more vomiting the first night he was
here.  So we'll be here yet another night.

don't mind being here, but praying that it will lead to answers soon.

We also have so much for be thankful for.  Yesterday I read
the blog of a mom whose little girl had a cancerous growth and has gone
through chemo and all that cancer brings with it.  Yep – I've got so
much to be thankful for:

  • The view from our
    hospital room is spectacular – the river and gorgeous blue sky.
  • Our dog was already in the kennel, so we haven't had to burden
    our friends with his care.
  • We weren't on
    the road when the stomach bug hit me
  • There
    are not one or two, but three comfy chairs in Isaac's hospital room.
  • My boss is an incredible woman, mom to 2 kiddos with CP, who
    completely understands and gives me NO grief when I have to miss work
    for things like this.
  • We had emergency money
    tucked away and will be able to use it for our trip to Miami in March.
  • Yesterday, when I fell down in my driveway while trying to get
    back to the hospital as quickly as possible, nothing was permanently
    injured and (I think) nobody was there to see me!!!!!!!

Yep, I'm thankful for many things today.

Our God is a good God.