Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Another loooooong night, but they are sending us home today.  I'm
sure Isaac will sleep better without someone coming in to take his
vitals every 2 hours.

I'm pretty much loopy from lack of sleep. 
Doug and I have decided we're going to write a joke/encouragement book
from our experiences.  I'll let you know when it hits the shelves.

color is much better and he is definitely hydrated.  We're praying for
no more vomiting once he starts eating full meals again.  His eating is
almost back to normal level.

Have you very noticed – birds look
really big when you're on the 8th floor looking out the window?  So do
the planes and helicopters.  A different point of view, to be sure.

update later if we have any changes.

Thanks so much for your
words of encouragement and prayer,