Pray for Isaac – Surgery on Friday

Isaac was admitted to the hospital this evening. 

He will have surgery tomorrow. 

Apparently, the tubing that goes from his shunt (in his head) to his abdomen is blocked.  That will need to be repaired, replaced, or something. 

His neurosurgeons are awesome, and he will be in good hands, surgically speaking.

We also know that The Great Physician will be overseeing the surgery.  That is even more important, and that knowledge fills me with peace.

We would really appreciate your prayers.



Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Pray for Isaac – Surgery on Friday

  1. Oh dear! Will be praying for all of you. Also for the doctors.


  2. Praying! I’m sorry that Isaac needs surgery, but so glad they found the problem. Praying the op & recovery goes smoothly. I know this is extra hard on you with your back being out. So with I could be there with you!!!
    Hugs & Prayers! Keep us posted as you can.


  3. Will continue to pray. I have been thinking of you guys all day. Just got the chance to check my e-mail, so I didn’t know he had surgery. You sure were heavy in my thoughts though, I guess that could be called God-mail. HaHa! I know not funny, just had to say it though. Thank God for his peace. Luv Ya.


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