Isaac’s Surgery Update

Isaac came through surgery really well. 

All of the tubing for his shunt had to be replaced, from head to belly.

He has a small incision on his belly, and one on the back of his head (about 3 inches), and a mean looking bruise on the side of his neck and over his collarbone where they "tunneled" the new tubing.

He is still quite drowsy, but is resting and is very peaceful when he wakes up.  The meds seem to be managing the pain quite well.

Thank you for praying.  Thank you for letting me know you were praying.  Reading those comments this morning was so reassuring to me.

I will try to get back regularly with updates.  It is possible that we might be let go tomorrow.  That would be good, but we do not rush things.  We'd rather stay a little longer just to be sure all is going well.

God bless you all,


6 thoughts on “Isaac’s Surgery Update

  1. Very pleased to hear he has come through the op ok. I pray the next few days are boringly uneventful for you all. Much love.


  2. Praise the LORD!! Ditto to what Tia said, praying for some nice uneventful days. Days of healing, both for Isaac and for your back!
    Hugs & Prayers


  3. Thanks for the update, you and Isaac and Doug have not been far from my thoughts and prayers today!!! I love you!


  4. This is such wonderful news! Yes I hope you get to stay as long as needed so there are no scary moments at home!! Still praying!! šŸ™‚


  5. So happy to hear all went well and he is comfortable. Will still keep praying for all of you.


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