Foto Friday

We are planning to take Newton to the vet this weekend, and to the groomers next week for his summer haircut.  These are the "before" pictures.

(And in my house, with my camera, we have two choices:  dark, blurry Newton; or clear, demon-eyed Newton.  I thought you'd like to see both.  Ha!)


What a fuzzy-wuzzy hound!  He will look so much better after his haircut!


My beautiful lilies are in bloom!



Last but not least, my handsome boy:


His typical 10-year-old look of "Mommmmmmm…don't take my picture!!!"  And yes, he is just about ready for his summer haircut, too!!! 🙂


That's it for Foto Friday! 

I pray you have a wonderful weekend, and that you plan to spend time in the Lord's House on Sunday.  I will be very sad to miss it if my back is not better.  Maybe you could pray that I will feel up to sitting through the service; and I will pray that you will be blessed by your church services on Sunday, too. 

Yep, that sounds like a win-win situation to me!


2 thoughts on “Foto Friday

  1. Praying your back is much better very very soon!!
    Oh, don’t mix up the hair appointments – make sure you get the right boy to the right place ;o)
    Hugs & Prayers!!


  2. what Laura said! That would be tragic! :0
    Beautiful flowers!!!
    I hope your back was better and you were able to make it to church today! 🙂


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