Managing My Mondays

My Mondays have been a little out of control for several weeks.  I don't think I did much managing…I was surviving. 

Surviving is good, but managing is better. 😉

Today I have several things on my to-do list.  The first of those was to clean the bird cage.  It isn't a very difficult or time-consuming job.  I just put it off…for as long as I can.  Shame on me, right?!!

So…I have listed it as a recurring event on my Monday's to-do list on my phone.  Maybe that will help me stay on track with it. 

I must remember, too, that the more often I do it, the easier it is to accomplish.  It's just one of those jobs that I need to discipline myself to do in a better way. 

If I don't mention it for a while, you will know I'm not doing very good at it.  You'll have to ask me about it! 

Ah…that should hold me accountable!!! 🙂

So, without further ado, here's Poppet!

"Welcome to my humble abode.  Please do wipe your feet…we just put out new papers."

"Yes, yes, it is quite lovely, isn't it?  I haven't lived here long, about 4 months, I guess.  My caregivers decided I needed new furnishings earlier this year.  I am delighted with it!"

"Please do make yourself at home…just stre-e-e-t-c-h out and get comfy.  Plenty of perches for everybody."


"Please come back again soon…I'll keep an eye out for you!"



Y'all have a good Monday!


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