Thankful on Tuesday

I am so thankful for music.

Sometimes I forget just how much it can minister to the soul and spirit.

On Sunday, I was feeling particularly low.

I was grieving the loss of friends.

I was sorrowing that those friends are no longer walking according to Scripture.

I was contemplating my role in their decision to live an unGodly manner.

I was feeling guilty and sad and angry and exhausted in the midst of my mental ramblings.

Thankfully, I did not mullygrub in those thoughts all afternoon.  I dwelt on them for a bit, talked them over with Doug, and moved my mind and focus onto other things.

But I have to tell you that those emotions continued to color the rest of my afternoon.  I felt moody and lethargic and reluctant.

Eventually it was time for choir practice and I dragged myself there.  Honestly, had I not been singing in the evening service, I would have been so tempted to stay home.  But the Lord knew well beforehand what emotions would overtake me, and planned out the schedule and led our director to plan it just so…and I had to be there!

We started practice, and I felt my spirits start to revive.  My energy level rose.  My sadness disipated.  My anger waned.  I was able to focus on notes and parts and timing; and the music ministered to my heart.

I thought the really odd thing was that we were practicing patriotic songs for next Sunday.  They were not even songs that spoke to my need or to the circumstances in my life.

Simply the act of singing, the discipline of singing truth when I didn't feel like it, the focusing on things that were good and right…helped me so much!

Praise the Lord for music – good music – that honors Him.

I'm appreciative of a church that encourages our participation in the music service.

Thank the Lord for a music director who is in tune with the Lord's leading.

I am grateful for music and for the way it moves me along, in spite of circumstances or emotion, to focus on Christ.

Thank for, Father, for meeting my need, by allowing me to worship YOU with my voice!

2 thoughts on “Thankful on Tuesday

  1. Amen!! I forget sometimes how good music can really heal and help us, I need to play more! 🙂


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