Now THIS is the way…

…all my grocery receipts should look!!!


I spent $5.37 and saved $11.37!!!

I got 6 jars of Sandwich Stackers Pickles for $0.90 each.  The regular price is $2.79 each. 

That's a savings of 68% per jar (well, IF I did the math right – which is highly improbable, but still entirely possible!).

These pickles are my ABsolute Faves, too!!!

If you are planning a veggie sammie, it is just NOT complete without a couple of THESE stacked on top of the peppers, onions, lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes!



4 thoughts on “Now THIS is the way…

  1. Alesha, I will need to find out what type of coupons you use. There are probably quite a few that I could send your way, just need to know what you want. E-mail me!!


  2. Barb, right now I am receiving SIX papers every Sunday, so I don’t really NEED any coupons! LOL!!!
    There was one for our “butter” in the latest Publix Greenwise Market Magazine that I asked for on Facebook. It’s the first coupon I have EVER seen for it! It’s called Earth Balance.
    Did you have a specific coupon source that you were thinking of? Just drop me an email, and I’ll see if I can be more specific for you. 🙂


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