Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Another loooooong night, but they are sending us home today.  I'm
sure Isaac will sleep better without someone coming in to take his
vitals every 2 hours.

I'm pretty much loopy from lack of sleep. 
Doug and I have decided we're going to write a joke/encouragement book
from our experiences.  I'll let you know when it hits the shelves.

color is much better and he is definitely hydrated.  We're praying for
no more vomiting once he starts eating full meals again.  His eating is
almost back to normal level.

Have you very noticed – birds look
really big when you're on the 8th floor looking out the window?  So do
the planes and helicopters.  A different point of view, to be sure.

update later if we have any changes.

Thanks so much for your
words of encouragement and prayer,


Tuesday, 27 February 2007

We're still hanging out at Club Med.  (That's our
local hospital for those of you not up to date on "special needs kid

Isaac was awake all day
yesterday and ALL night last night.  It was incredible.  I took the
midnight to 4:30 shift.  My poor hubby couldn't hold his head up another
moment.  Then he took over and fed Isaac a little bit, then napped in
the chair while Isaac played with his toys. 

Finally, about 9 am, he just closed his eyes and went to
sleep.  Still asleep now.  We'll have to be big meanies in just a little
while and wake him, so we don't have a repeat performance tonight. 
Parenting is all about TOUGH love!

He did have some seizure activity last night – of course
nothing like we saw at home.  But he's also not eating/drinking like
they'd like him to, and he had more vomiting the first night he was
here.  So we'll be here yet another night.

don't mind being here, but praying that it will lead to answers soon.

We also have so much for be thankful for.  Yesterday I read
the blog of a mom whose little girl had a cancerous growth and has gone
through chemo and all that cancer brings with it.  Yep – I've got so
much to be thankful for:

  • The view from our
    hospital room is spectacular – the river and gorgeous blue sky.
  • Our dog was already in the kennel, so we haven't had to burden
    our friends with his care.
  • We weren't on
    the road when the stomach bug hit me
  • There
    are not one or two, but three comfy chairs in Isaac's hospital room.
  • My boss is an incredible woman, mom to 2 kiddos with CP, who
    completely understands and gives me NO grief when I have to miss work
    for things like this.
  • We had emergency money
    tucked away and will be able to use it for our trip to Miami in March.
  • Yesterday, when I fell down in my driveway while trying to get
    back to the hospital as quickly as possible, nothing was permanently
    injured and (I think) nobody was there to see me!!!!!!!

Yep, I'm thankful for many things today.

Our God is a good God.


Monday, 26 February 2007

Well, at the risk of eliciting from my dear readers an exclamation of "What now?  You must
be kidding!", I'll share with you our latest escapade with Isaac.

We did not make it to Miami.  We
ended up in the ER here is town.  We are still here today and will be
spending night #2.  Isaac's seizure activity has increased and
changed. He has also continued with vomiting at night.  The "experts"
here have upped his meds and said, "Now go to Miami."

We have a new date for Miami, March

While we
were in the ER, I was blindsided with a 24-hour stomach flu and had to
go home, leaving my dear hubby at the hospital with Isaac.  They are
both such warriors and two peas in a pod.  They did fine together, and I
almost felt non-essential, until I saw their faces when I walked in the
room.  Isaac even said, "hewwo."  I felt loved and appreciated.

God's timing is incredible.  I am so
grateful we weren't on the road when I got sick.  I would have gladly
skipped this trip to the hospital, though.

Anyway, Isaac has felt much better
today and is very hydrated due to the IV.  We're hoping they'll send us
home tomorrow.

try to update here as I can.  We appreciate the prayers.


Saturday, 24 February 2007

We had more seizures and vomiting last
night with Isaac.  Doctor's visit and ER CAT scan today.  The
neurosurgeon's assistant doesn't feel it's shunt related at this time. 
We are to keep our appointment in Miami with the neurologist at the
Epilepsy center on Monday, then let the other doctors know what his
findings are.

Isaac is
napping now.  He had been awake since 2 AM, not vomiting then, but too
miserable to sleep.  We turned on his one Gaither's video tape that has 3
of their videos taped onto one tape.  He watched that happily until we
got ready for his doctor's visit this morning.

And yes, his sleeping now means he won't sleep
well tonight, but he was just so exhausted we couldn't bear to wake him
up yet.  We will do that shortly.

Doug took the dog (Newton, our black Labradoodle) to the Pet
Hotel this afternoon, so he'll get a little "vacation" until Tuesday
probably.  It's a pricey vacation, but the kennel's clean and well-kept,
and they take good care of him.  We did buy him a brand new toy to take
with him.   Then of course, we had to buy the bird a new toy, so he
wouldn't feel left out (Poppet, our Timneh African Grey).

Now it's time to make my packing list while my
hubby finishes the laundry.  Then we'll start packing.  We'll leave
sometime tomorrow morning.  It takes a while to get there.  We're still
praying for that room at Ronald McDonald House, but I did check out a
few hotels online last night.  Just so we'd be prepared for any

We'd appreciate
the prayers for traveling mercies and also that Isaac would begin to
feel better for the doctor's visit.  Although the seizures continuing
would not be a bad thing, so that they can see them actually happening.

Thanks to those who just "surf" by and leave
comments that they are praying for Isaac.  That means so much more than I
can say.  I've felt very overwhelmed the last 2 weeks with all that has
been going on with him and at the same time I've felt very amazed at
how God has worked through it all.


Friday, 23 February 2007

Isaac had a short seizure
last night after supper and then started vomiting around 3:30am – that
continued until around 6 this morning.  He's been fine although weak

tonight he had more short seizures, then started vomiting around
10:30.  We'll of course be headed to the doctor tomorrow.  The vomiting
can be from delayed gastric emptying or from shunt malfunction.

Monday, we head to Miami Children's
Hospital to be seen by an epilepsy specialist.  Please pray that there
is a room available at the Ronald McDonald House – we're on the waiting
list right now.

of course, please pray that his stomach will settle and he can sleep
tonight – and so we can get sleep too.

Whew, it's been a loooooooong day.


Update on Isaac’s sleeping

I forgot to update on Isaac's night time escapades!  
He slept from 11 PM to 7 AM last night.  Not bad, but not as great as
the night before.  And tonight…it's almost 11 PM and he's still going
strong!  Hopefully he'll conk out soon!

Thursday, 22 February 2007

We have a family of hawks that nest near our
house each winter.  Sometime in January or February we start seeing
their shadows cross our yard, then we occasionally hear them. 

  • This year, they are using a nearly-dead tree
    right beside our house as their outlook post.  (It was hit by lightning a
    couple of years ago, then the hurricanes of 2004 really gave it a
    beating.  It it basically the trunk and 2 or 3 limbs.)

    My hubby and I have been trying for days to
    get a good pic, but to no avail.  This is the best we could do so far.


    he cool – at least I think this is the dad!  They are
    so well camouflaged, they are hard to see.  We're going to try this
    weekend to get some really good shots.

    Doug said he saw one of them take on a buzzard twice their
    size today.  And the hawk won!  Just dove right down on him in the sky
    and sent him hurdling in the opposite direction.

    I can't wait until their eggs hatch.  You can
    actually watch them as they teach their babies to hunt – in our
    backyard!  One year I watched one of the babies catch what I'm assuming
    was a mouse right at the edge of our property.  So cool!

    They are soooooooo noisy, too, when the
    babies are first hatched.  You can hear the parents crying out to the
    babies and then they answer in this high-pitched version of the parents
    cry.  These parents work hard to train their hatchlings
    how to live and work.

    when our human babies are small we, as parents, start teaching our
    children the life skills they need to survive.  We let them wander
    further and further from our nest all the while calling out to them,
    reminding them of our presence, of our beliefs, or our foundations.

    I don't know why so many parents today think
    parenting is easy, and then when it gets a little rough, they wimp out
    and allow the child to control the home.  We are not loving truly when
    we allow that with our little ones.  We are loving self more than loving
    the child enough to do what is best.

    Parenting is hard, and it's about sometimes making the hard
    decisions.  But it is ultimately the most rewarding job of all – when
    we can send them out from the nest and know that they can survive on
    their own.

    The daddy hawk
    tends to sit on our back fence while the little ones are playing in the
    yard.  He always looks so proud!  The mama is usually flitting from baby
    to baby, I'm sure checking to see that they are warm enough, finding
    enough food, and reminding them of how to catch the tastiest treat.

    We busy mamas need to learn to sit back
    occasionally and just watch…and be proud of our offspring.  Take a
    break today and be marveled by the miracles that are your children.